So what are KFC’s values?

“WE’RE temporarily closed due to unforeseen circumstances,” said one statement following the latest faux pas at a KFC branch in Umhlanga Ridge, KwaZulu-Natal. Trying to explain the embarrassment Doug Miller, the company’s MD, later claimed: “We are aware of the incident at our restaurant in Umhlanga. We take our quality standards extremely seriously and are […]

Are You a Reputation Manager? Be Curious

The Reputation Economy It is often said that we now operate in a Reputation Economy. You can read this in any way you like but, whatever approach you take, you have to consider as a starting point the extent to which the world and all of us have become much more connected by the internet. […]

New Drivers of Brand Reputation

Experience makes or breaks reputation   A lot has been written about what brands do or should be doing to position themselves through a variety of marketing communication activities and on different channels. Focus often gets placed on how they should integrate the ever expanding media platforms, especially social media, and make use of highly […]