Solly Moeng


I have been in the areas of Brand Management, PR & Media Relations, Marketing & Strategic Communications since 1995, with the first part of this period spent in the tourism industry (Destination Marketing) before I enlarged my focus to cover the broader area of Brand Reputation Management consulting in a variety of sectors.

My expertise has been applied in these sectors: transport (Bus Rapid Transit and urban commuter rail transport), nuclear energy, oil & gas, facilities management, Development Finance, Lifestyle, travel and hospitality, high-end retail and, and military equipment. My specialties are Brand Reputation Management Strategies; PR & Media Relations; Strategic Communications & Marketing; Stakeholder Engagement Strategies.

I’ve also been invited to speak at seminars and conferences in places like South Africa, Russia, Switzerland, Armenia, and India.

My latest projects, the Brand Summit South Africa and related Brand Summit Africa, keep me bountifully busy.

My other interests: Road and Mountain cycling; Current Affairs; Writing; The Arts; Travel; Theatre, etc.

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