Can South Africa go into the future with Eskom as it is?

  Many role players in the local energy sector continue to second guess policy makers while waiting for the completion and adoption of the final Integrated Resources Plan (IRP). This is the plan that should serve as a basis for SA’s spending decisions on energy. The energy sector, possibly because of its strategic importance and [...]

2019-02-04T13:09:22+02:00February 4th, 2019|

Dangerous liaisons

INCREASING numbers of observers of South Africa’s unstoppable journey into the belly of the Brics formation are voicing concerns about what we have to give in return for the rich promises of market access into Brazil, Russia, India and China for South African-manufactured products, as well as access to development funding with less stringent conditions [...]

2015-07-20T10:45:00+02:00July 15th, 2015|
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