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SONA 2019 well delivered: Now it’s time for action, Mr. Ramaphosa

Many South Africans and other observers often argue, with reason, that former president Jacob Zuma has lowered the presidential leadership to the lowest level ever.  It should therefore not be hard for anyone to outperform him in anything presidential, from delivering speeches, coherently and consistently leading cabinet teams, to representing the country at various bilateral and multilateral [...]

2019-02-08T18:58:34+02:00February 8th, 2019|

Don’t let Vytjie stand alone

I've seen several social media discussions noting apparent inconsistencies in Vytjie Mentor's submission to the State Capture Commission of Inquiry. These have suggested her memory may be failing her, resulting in her being unsure of some of her facts.  Some have said she seemed nervous at times, giving more detail than was required. It's no [...]

2018-08-29T10:51:17+02:00August 29th, 2018|

Gigaba must come clean on role in state capture

WHEN Malusi Gigaba presents the 2018 Budget Speech - now that it seems unlikely that someone with more integrity will be brought in to do so - some of us will be half listening to the content of his presentation and half watching the man, looking at his facial expression for possible signs of nervousness, [...]

2018-02-21T09:02:01+02:00February 21st, 2018|

Davos 2018: Real progress or just another wasteful junket?

IT's that time of the year again when impressive, colourful PowerPoint presentations replete with embedded country video clips, photographs, plans to stabilise and grow the economy, figures projecting expected GDP growth, etc are all prepared ahead of the annual World Economic Forum gathering in the canton of Graubünden, just outside Davos, Switzerland, to impress the [...]

2018-01-17T07:57:04+02:00January 17th, 2018|

Amid state capture, SA needs social justice revival

WITH every new book that gets published on South Africa, the depth and reach of organised corruption and the capture of our country’s key institutions by all levels of corrupt state employees gets exposed.  And going by the extent of the rot, especially given that every new piece of information reveals more dots ostensibly leading [...]

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