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President Ramaphosa needs to lead South Africa from the front

A few weeks ago, President Ramaphosa stated that the 2019 general elections will be more important than the historic, racially inclusive, elections that ushered in our post-apartheid democratic order, in 1994.  I disagreed with him then and I still do so now. But I will agree to a point if what he meant was that the 2019 [...]

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Can South Africa go into the future with Eskom as it is?

  Many role players in the local energy sector continue to second guess policy makers while waiting for the completion and adoption of the final Integrated Resources Plan (IRP). This is the plan that should serve as a basis for SA’s spending decisions on energy. The energy sector, possibly because of its strategic importance and [...]

2019-02-04T13:09:22+02:00February 4th, 2019|

Will South African voters be rational or emotional in 2019?

The crescendo of post-apartheid bad behaviour, either through the abuse of political office or other manners of corruption by powerful South African politicians, especially those who belong to the governing African National Congress, can be said to have begun with the notorious Arms Deal in the 1990s. FILE -- In this Wednesday, July 5, [...]

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Without a strong brand, SA will lose its global appeal

The processes under way to understand the reach of the horrors visited upon South Africa by the past 10 years of Jacob Zuma’s leadership – for lack of a better word – will continue for many months, perhaps even several years, before a full report of the damage and the role of each enabler will [...]

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Malusi Gigaba must look history in the face

AMBASSADOR Billy Modise, democratic South Africa's first black high commissioner to Canada and, later, chief of state protocol during former president Thabo Mbeki's term, once said this to me: "No matter how close to or friendly you are with the people you lead, you must always wear your tie because to them you are always [...]

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