Woolworths unscathed from boycott – brand expert

Johannesburg – Woolworths did not incur any “reputational harm” as a result of the two year #BoycottWoolworths campaign, according to Solly Moeng, brand reputation management adviser and CEO of DonValley.  In an emailed response to Fin24, Moeng said that the campaign, which called for the complete boycott of Woolworths [JSE:WHL] due to its Israeli trade [...]

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Corporate values sans frontières

A values-driven pull-out SOON after pulling the retailer out of Nigeria in 2013, Woolworths CEO Ian Moir told the Sunday Times that “for a values-driven business, Nigeria is a hard place to operate in”. This simple, yet profound, and far-reaching declaration was hidden in a long piece written by the Sunday paper’s Adele Shevel, whose [...]

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Woolworths needs to nurture its reputation

“I WISH Woolworths could be found guilty of something; anything!” This comment was posted in 2013 on Woolworths’ Twitter/Facebook page amid accusations that the retailer had “stolen” a piece of artwork depicting a hummingbird from a local artist. We now know that the accuser turned out to have been rather careless with the truth, having [...]

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