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South Africa is more than just the ANC

IT IS the strangest of times when we South Africans await with much trepidation, and no longer mere curiosity,…

Urgent action starts here: The letter Zuma will never write

FELLOW South Africans, I know, I know; it has taken me almost ten years to come to this. But…

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We get commissioned to contribute articles on a variety of topics to some professional publications and newspapers. We also write speeches for some politicians and senior company executives
Like a Brand Doctor, DonValley gets called upon to assess Corporate Communication and PR strategies and provide solutions to make them more effective. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, either fresh strategy development might be recommended or, if unnecessary, relevant remedies might be proposed to reinvigorate dialogues between the brand and its stakeholder groups.
Crisis Communication strategies are like an arsenal of nuclear weapons. In the best of worlds, there must never be need to use them; but each brand needs to have well-adapted, effective, crisis communication management strategy and plan in place for times when serious issues become crisis.
Donvalley boasts tools to assess the effectiveness of brands strategies with the aim of rendering them effective to achieve strategic goals