DonValley is a new-age, boutique, brand reputation management agency specialising in the provision of strategic services and expertise aimed at building, revitalising or sustaining effective dialogues between brands and their target markets/ audiences.

Everything we do is aimed at helping brands manage their reputation, an asset without which no brand can effectively realise its Vision and optimize shareholder value, supported by all its stakeholders.

We conduct Brand Reputation Risk Assessment, Brand Health, and we develop Brand Strategies, PR & Media Relations Strategies, Strategic Communications and Marketing Strategies; are all elements of brand management.

Our core team has over 30 years of combined hands-on field experience. In addition, we have access to a diverse array of business associate skills enabling us to create dedicated project teams whose make-up is informed by the client’s exact requirements.

Whenever possible, DonValley also creates internship opportunities to provide hands-on experience to brand reputation management students from various tertiary establishments. This is intended to contribute to the ongoing quest for skills development in South Africa and to facilitate industry entry for students with previously restricted / denied opportunities.

To occupy a leading market position as a new age strategic partner in the provision of holistic brand management services aimed at optimising sustained profitability and goodwill.

To provide strategic interventions at various points of the brand management spectrum, as dictated by specific client requirements, in order to build, revitalise, or sustain effective dialogues between brands and their target markets and audiences.

DonValley is highly networked in the industry. Apart from its core professional staff; the agency enjoys privileged access to some of the most experienced professionals with fresh, specialised, expertise in all of its areas of service provision. This access is also made possible through DonValley’s membership of respected professional bodies in its fields of expertise.

  • We rely on the truth to protect and to enhance our clients’ image

  • We acknowledge fault early and treat it with honesty

  • We always tell the truth

  • We’re not spin doctors; there is no place to hide in an era of hyper-transparency and 24 hr news cycles

  • We promise a 24/7 availability to our clients

  • We proactively monitor the socio-political environment relevant to our clients’ operations

  • We help our clients invest in issue and crisis prevention for better mitigation and recovery

  • Our approach is 80% proactive; 20% reactive

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