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All brands must have the following four key ingredients:
– A Vision
– A set of Values
– Ethical, competent, empathetic Leaders, and
– Enjoy a 360° View of the space in which they operate, internal and external

They must also know which stakeholders matter and can influence their chances of realising Brand Vision. To do this, they must “map-out” these stakeholders. The mapping exercise enables the brand to see where its stakeholders sit, i.e. who they are; the nature of their stake/interest in the brand, their general interests, the media they consume, and how best to ‘engage’ them. Engagement involves much more than merely sending regular one-way communiqués to stakeholders. Brand must also appreciate that the era of “one message fits all” is long gone.

The ultimate aim is to ensure that the brand enjoys a 360˚ view of its stakeholder environment at all times and that it can engage them at appropriate intervals using properly targeted (i.e. customised) messages on appropriate media platforms.

Brand must know how to generate goodwill through their own activities and through the support of positive influencer communities they must nurture.

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