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All brands are always in competition with other brands. For this, they must possess four basic ingredients, i.e. Brand Vision, a Set of Values, and they must be led by Good Leaders who are ethically grounded, have emotional intelligence, empathy and balance. The leaders must live the brand values, set the tone, and lead from the front at all times, fully aware that their every action, decision, utterance, and conduct can make or break the journey of the brand they lead towards realizing Brand Vision. The fourth crucial ingredient is that the leaders and all those tasked with managing the brand, or are part of it, must enjoy a 360° View of the brand’s internal and external operating environment. This is because no brand exists in a vacuum; so awareness of the brand’s environment, especially its stakeholder communities and the things they hold dearly, is important. Without knowing who its stakeholders are, brands cannot engage them effectively.

DonValley Reputation Managers uses an 80% preventative and 20% curative strategy to help brands connect the dots above in order to be best positioned to channel the bulk of their resources towards realising Brand Vision and optimizing shareholder/stakeholder value.

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