Renewable Energy

SA pays high price as state dithers over renewables

I’m SAD that a good friend of mine will soon pack up her bags and leave South Africa, possibly for good. She arrived in the country about seven years ago, full of excitement for two things.  The first was the opportunity to finally experience this country in person and scratch out a long-standing hot entry [...]

2017-05-03T08:22:09+02:00May 3rd, 2017|

Can renewable energy help the state save face?

GOING by the very visible excitement on Energy Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson’s demeanour when she told the world about South Africa’s investment in renewable energy, one would be forgiven for suspecting that this awakening to the growing technological innovation in renewable energy would force government to relegate its planned investment in the controversial nuclear new build to [...]

2015-10-20T14:43:09+02:00October 7th, 2015|
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